The best online casinos are characterized by the fact that they exactly meet your expectations. This means, for example, that for you personally the best online casino is the one that offers your favorite game in its portfolio. In addition, the best online casino is safe and reputable, has a valid gaming license and is characterized by fair gaming at an sms pay casino.

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There is now hardly a casino that focuses only on slot machines and does not offer variety through table and card games. These include games that can be played by a beginner without knowing a specific set of rules. But there are also more complicated games that you can only use if you know the casino rules very well. Most online casino games are developed in such a way that they can also be used by beginners without any problems. In our guide to casino games, we present the most important games in more detail in a brief summary.

Slot machine games

The slot machines, also called slots, are the heart of every casino and are sometimes even available in several thousand variants. Strictly speaking, this is the online version of the machines known as one-armed bandits, such as those in Las Vegas. The popularity is so great because this casino game actually doesn’t take any rules into account and you just have to insert money and press a button.

Video poker is the slot machine version of the popular 5 card draw poker. In contrast to the live game, however, you don’t play against a real opponent here, but against the random generator. The object of the game is to have the highest possible poker hand. With the machine version, all you have to do is choose which card to put down and which to keep.

There are so many card games. How can you know all the casino rules? This site can help:


One card game that is particularly popular because of its particularly simple rules is blackjack. Because of its popularity, it is offered in many different varieties. The aim of the game is that you have the card value 21 in your hand or come close to it. However, you cannot exceed the number 21. The game is also so popular because it has only a very small house edge and the chances of winning are quite high, even for a beginner.


Another card game that is very popular not only in online casinos but also in brick and mortar casinos is baccarat. Baccarat is played with six packs of 52 cards each. The aim of the game is that with two or three cards you either get as close as possible to nine points or hit exactly nine points. The cards are scored according to their printed numerical value, pictures and tens have zero points and the ace has one point.

Poker casino rules

Poker is a classic casino game. But there are also many versions of poker, each with their own casino rules. Here we offer instructions for the most popular poker games.

If a very simple card game is wanted, then you should check out Casino War. This game is played with six decks of cards, the value of the cards is rated as in poker. With the exception that the ace always wins, the color of the card doesn’t matter.

Let it Ride is also called Easy Poker and is a not so common poker variant in online casinos. In contrast to the usual poker games, the players do not compete against each other, but each player bets against the casino. This is a game for two people. Let it Ride is an American idiom that means that after a game has been won, the player leaves the stake including the winnings and thus stands up to it. Since the name Let It Ride is protected, many game manufacturers offer this variant under a different name.

Table games

Many are fascinated by table games. Regardless of whether you are playing roulette or dice, you should also know the casino rules for table games.

Roulette casino rules

One of the absolute classics is roulette. This bowl game will probably be familiar to every casino visitor. It is very popular because it has very simple rules. You simply bet on the field in which the ball will stay in the roulette wheel. You can not only determine the specific number, but also tap on properties, such as red or black or even or odd. There are also numerous different variants that can be found in online casinos.


Craps is a more complicated dice game in which you guess how the two dice will be rolled. You can place different bets for this, which makes the game a bit more complicated, although it is not that difficult at all. You do not have to know all the stakes, you can only have fun with the most popular bets.

Sic Bo

Another dice game is Sic Bo, which is also called Chuck a Luck. Strictly speaking, this is a three-dice game that became popular in Macau casinos and is now very popular in the United States. It is believed that the game originated in Shanghai and was brought to the United States via China at the beginning of the 20th century.

Casino rules for Keno

Keno is an ancient game of chance that originated in China. It was brought to the United States of America by Chinese workers in the early 20th century. It is now played worldwide and there are different variants. From 70 numbers, which differ from version to version, 20 numbers are drawn. You have to guess which numbers will be drawn. In English there has also been keno with state lotteries since 2004.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow is a game that is played with 32 dominoes. The game can be played with up to eight players and there are 21 different combinations possible with the stones. The basic idea of ​​the game was also carried over to poker, so there is also Pai Gow Poker. With so many options, which game is the best? How can you improve your chances? We compared the house edge from the games.

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