Don't join the crowd of sports enthusiasts who are made of wishful thinking pool. A lot of people love to play poker but always end up watching a poker game. If you have been doing this so far, then it is time to make change instead of waiting for one. Log on to internet and create account on a well known online casino and start playing poker through easy and comprehensible approach.

In order to get you started, this article will give you a small push by familiarizing you to basics of online poker.

The game of poker involves different variations / type of hands and hands are formed by cards. Other things involve formation of hands, placement of bets with limits on them and number of rounds each player gets for wagering. 5 of a Kind - A situation where you end up having 4 cards of same type and one different / wild card. It isn't necessary for one player to end up with 5 of a kind card group. If other players fall in same category, then bounty goes to person who has a sub total of highest value cards. 4 of a Kind - It only has 4 cards and out of these 4 cards, 3 are same and one is a wild card. 3 of a Kind - it is almost similar to 4 of a kind and 5 of a kind, but only has 3 cards with 2 same cards and one different. Flush - A flush involves a situation where a player has cards of same category in his possession. Straight - This case composes of same type of cards but all of them are of a different suite. Like hearts, diamonds, club and spade and also these cards are all in a sequence.