Red Seven Count Blackjack System

The very popular Red Seven Count Black Jack Betting System had been discovered by Arnold Snyder. He noticed that in Blackjack, there were ten counts which were unbalanced. These ten counts did not have high range of betting correlation but yet had unbalanced point counts. After thinking more and more about the unbalanced ten counts, he came up with a solution that did not require any kind of adjustment to true count, nor did it involve any kid of strategy index. The solution of Arnold Snyder offered the players strength as well as helped to minimize the errors. This solution is the now renowned Red Seven Count Blackjack Betting System.

Arnold, the inventor of the Red Seven Count Blackjack Betting System, was really surprised that no one came up with this solution before him. In the Red Seven Count Blackjack Betting System, Arnold assigned the Aces a value of -1, 6's, 5's, 4's, 3's and 2's a value of +1. 9 and 8 cards are deemed as neutral cards. However, this count was different than any other counts and this difference is what helped get this betting system its name. The 7 of diamonds and the 7 of hearts was called the red 7s and the 7 of clubs and the 7 of spades were called the black 7s. However, the black 7s are neutral and not counted where as the red 7s are counted as +1.

This method helped n the sense that the sevens did not count themselves out but worked as one of the favorable cards in the game. This method helped to rule out the necessity of keeping true count. When the black jack deck is counted down, it will come down to +2. This can be a turning point as it will be multiplied by deck numbers. Therefore, according to the red seven count blackjack betting system, the pivot point would be +twelve if the game is a six deck one. However, the red seven count blackjack betting system offers guidance on betting money and not on playing hands.